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Anthony Veer's preferred cobbler is Cobblers Direct by My Shoe Hospital. Their incredible craftmanship and dedicated team of artisans will bring your shoes back to life. For more information, please click here.

  • Restore heel cap

    Replace your old heel with protective rubber heel caps. Rubber caps provide extra comfort, durability, and grip.

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  • Replace sole

    Bring back the structure and integrity of your shoes. Choose either a half-sole repair or full-sole and heel replacement.

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  • Refresh and clean

    Sprouse up your shoes with a thorough cleaning. Finish them with a beautiful shoe shine, whether leather, suede, nubuck or any other fine finish.

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  • Reclaim puppy damage

    Find your dog a better chew toy and reclaim your favorite shoes! From teeth marks to scruffs, breathe life back into your shoes.

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  • Recondition

    Whether you need to de-mold, deodorize, or recondition your shoes, your footwear will come out looking and feeling fresh.

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  • Refinish the leather

    Finish protects leather from the elements and keep it looking better longer. Rejuvenate your shoes with a complete factory refinish, or a touch up.

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Recrafting Shoes

One of the great benefits of purchasing Goodyear welt or Blake stitch shoes is that they are recraftable! What does that mean? When the sole wears over time, it can be replaced by a cobbler with little to no impact on your shoes. Imagine your favorite pair of shoes for a lifetime!

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