Talent and expertise

With a keen sense of tradition and appreciation for true talent, Anthony Veer has built shoe lines that showcase the craftsmanship of shoemaking. From knowledge passed down from generation to generation, we value the authenticity that comes from hard work and expertise. Our workshops are in regions in India renowned for their skilled leather craftsmanship. The gold-rated elite tanneries we source our materials from are all over Europe. The bottom line, we work exclusively with expert leather artists and are proud to share their work with you.

The Proof is in the feel

There is leather... and then there is leather. If a hide is chemically dyed or stretched too thin, you'll notice it in how it looks and feels. Our tanneries are gold-rated by the Leather Working Group - an eco-friendly community charged with making a better system for better leather goods. By using organic dyes, streamlining systems with less waste, and providing working conditions for workers that create a sense of pride, the quality materials we use make all the difference and last that much longer.