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Anthony Veer shoes are made with a great deal of dedication and love for detail; following dictates the traditional craftsmanship...

Designs are stenciled in the design department. The leather pieces are cut by hand with a trimming knife, and used to form the shaft of the shoe. The outsole is mounted onto the consistent even surface and welted that is hand-sewn in the thickness of the innersole.

There is no machine in our workshop that sews Goodyear welts, and we believe that’s the way every one of our shoes should be made. The extra soul that our shoes possess and the secret for the ultimate pleasure enjoyed by the wearer is due to the artisan’s hand. The result is that each customer will mold the shoe to his foot over time. This refined appointment is ample evidence that hand-sewn products are of incomparable quality.

The shoes are then cleaned and treated with a final finish, and packed into boxes with a promise to ensure comfort and style.