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FAQs & Sizing



What size shoes should I buy?

All our shoes are made true to size, select your normal US dress shoe size. 

See the size guide here.

Typically dress shoes run half to full size smaller then athletic shoes.
If you're still doubtful please reach out to us at


What is a Goodyear welted construction?
The Goodyear welted construction is the highest quality of construction in shoes, industry wide! This welting process is highly labor intensive and results in shoes being highly durable, water resistant, easy to re-sole and comfortable as the leather molds to the foot over time. The shoe, however, is more rigid and less flexible than for example a Bologna stitched shoe.

What is a bologna construction?
The Bologna construction creates a smooth, comfortable shoe. The shoe has the uppers folded and stitched together like a sock, with a thin leather insole added, and once the whole top part is finished, the outsole is attached. The Bologna shoe construction method is ideal for making immaculate and flexible shoes.



How do I take care of my shoes?
Always use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes to avoid back creasing.
Always use a shoe tree when not wearing your shoes to maintain the overall structure.
Clean your shoes weekly with the following steps:
Use a horse brush to remove dust, debris, and solid stain
Apply highly quality polish with applicator or cloth in circles
Use shoe brush rigorously to blend in the polish and take off excess
Take a soft cotton cloth or microfiber towel to buff for shine